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What does Brexit mean to Totally Irish Gifts and our customers?

Published on 1st February 2020 and will be updated as further Brexit information comes to hand.

The U.K. is now officially no longer a member of the E.U.

The Withdrawal Agreement drawn up between the E.U. and U.K. allows for a transition period up to 31st December 2020. For the rest of this year EU rules and regulations will continue to apply to the UK and the UK will remain part of the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union. This means there is no change or implications for our UK customers and it is Business as Usual at Totally Irish Gifts.

There has never been a better time to ‘Buy Irish‘.

Supply of Irish Gifts made in Ireland

We have been in touch with our main suppliers, who have all confirmed their supply of raw materials are secure and will be in a position to continue to supply their beautiful crafts to Totally Irish Gifts. And the good news is there will be no price increases in the near future.


Delivery services in Ireland, U.K. and world-wide

Totally Irish Gifts uses An Post for both our national and international shipments. An Post have stated that there will be no changes or delays in the way packages from the Republic of Ireland are handled. We completely trust the An Post system with our shipments. Packages shipping internationally with An Post are transferred to the state postal services of the receiving country.

An Post is the state-owned postal service in the Republic of Ireland and a member of the Universal Postal Union, which is a specialised agency of the United Nations that co-ordinates postal policies among member nations and the worldwide postal system. An Post are expert in international eCommerce logistics. They have been planning for the U.K. exit from the E.U., by liaising with the relevant authorities in Ireland, Britain and the E.U. This includes the Government, customs authorities, other logistics companies and industry groups. An Post have a comprehensive Brexit action plan in place.

Currently all international packages from the Republic of Ireland travel through London, Heathrow. An Post are setting up operational arrangements with their wholly-owned U.K. subsidiary Air Business, with Royal Mail and with other carriers. Packages going through the U.K. en route to another E.U. destination will pass through the An Post bonded facility and will not be affected by any U.K. customs as bonded warehouses allow for the storage and transit of goods without payment of duty. There is no expected delay for packages shipping internationally. An Post are monitoring the situation and as a business customer, Totally Irish Gifts will be kept up-to-date of any changes or issues that may arise.


Changes in Custom tax/duty on Irish Goods coming into the U.K.

Currently all packages shipping within the E.U. (including the U.K.) require an Aviation Security Declaration form. Following Brexit this form will be replaced with the customs label CN22 or CN23 for packages going to the U.K. from the Republic of Ireland/E.U.

No customs duty is payable for countries within the E.U. when purchasing online from an Irish company such as Totally Irish Gifts. However, as is standard practice for other non-E.U. countries, purchases may be subject to customs duty / local taxes on importation to countries outside the E.U. This varies from country to country and is the responsibility of the purchaser to be familiar with and to pay any tax/duty charged through the customs of their home country. It is not yet know what local taxes / duty will be charged by the U.K. following Brexit, however, customs duty or tax is calculated normally as follows:

Your country’s de minimis value determines if local customs will assess a duty or tax on your shipment. Duties and VAT are calculated as a percentage of the customs value of the goods (item + insurance + shipping). Any duties and taxes on your international shipment will be billed directly to you by the global carrier.


Christmas 2019 at Totally Irish Gifts

Totally Irish Gifts is stocked and ready for Christmas. It is unknown if the U.K. parliament will ratify the new separation deal this side of Christmas or go right up to 31st January 2020. Our advice to customers in the U.K., and anyone wishing to purchase/send authentic Irish gifts to the U.K., is shop and ship early for Christmas. This will avoid possible tax or customs duty, which may be incurred after the U.K. leaves the E.U., on goods being sent to the U.K. from the Republic of Ireland.


The Border

The Irish Boarder is our coastline. But there is also a border between the Republic of Ireland and the six counties of Northern Ireland, which are part of the U.K. Click this link to see a RTE short video which simply explains The Border.

If ratified by the U.K. government, the new separation deal will mean there will be no hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, but Northern Ireland will remain in the U.K. customs territory legally, but practically it will be under E.U. customs rules with checks between Northern Ireland and Britain. More work on this and tariffs will be worked out further in the months to come.


Reasons for shopping online for unique gifts at our Irish store

  • The E.U. and the U.K. are still to reach a full customs agreement, goods coming into the Republic of Ireland/E.U. from the U.K. may be liable for duty and taxes after 31st January 2020. Exceptions will be for items with a value less than €22 and gift items with a value less than €45.
  • Consumer rights in the E.U. are very strong for customers. If/when the U.K. is no longer part of the E.U., then consumers will be relying on terms and conditions as opposed to statutory instruments.
  • Totally Irish Gifts is a 100% authentic Irish Crafts and Gifts Store. All gifts on our website are designed and made in Ireland.
  • We offer a range of gifts to suit all budgets and all occasions, including personalised gifts and corporate gifts.
  • We pride ourselves in great customer service.


Buy a quality gift from an Irish Store, based in Dublin, Ireland, let’s go shopping…


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