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We are delighted to now be stocking Druidic Birth Sign & Celtic Tree Prints, wonderful Birthday Gifts made in Ireland.

These birthday gift ideas of ancient Druidic Birth Signs & Celtic Trees are quality printed from original artwork by Dublin artist, Maura O’Rourke and each comes with it’s own interesting detail.  The prints measure 25 cm x 20 cm and are ready to frame.

Ancient Druids used native Irish trees as birth signs, showing their spiritual connection. The Druids felt the trees embodied life and had spiritual powers and wisdom. Each tree sign is significant to your personality and each had a part to play in the living and the quality of the lives within the ancient Celtic community, but all were of equal importance.
The Ancient Celtic Trees assigned to the Druidic Birth Signs are:


Rowan Sign: Visionary, creative, imaginative and unconventional. Energetic visions and ideas are often not understood by people who don’t have your quick, effective thinking.

Burning with ambitions, you power through life with an edge on everyone else.

Friendships are very important to you.

Attentiveness and sincere compassion make people want to be in your presence.

Your unique perspective and outlook often influence the decisions that other people might make.

Willow and Reed are compatible with Rowan.



Ash Sign: Imaginative, inventive and artistic by nature.

Happy in your own company your mind is in constant motion.  Your art, writing and poetry are often inspired by nature.

Engaging personality. People will seek your company as you are an inspiration to be with.

Thinking of the future in fantastic designs and amazing ideas, you will achieve and fulfill your dreams.

Willow and Reed are compatible with Ash.



Alder Sign: Natural born pathfinder, teacher and leader. Highly motivated and truly artistic you will follow your passion with vigour.

Energetic in everything you take part in  people will happily join and follow you. Quietly confident and charming in nature you mingle well with many people.

Teaching comes naturally to you, as you often engage with old and young alike imparting knowledge.

With an optimistic outlook on life no event will phase you.

Hawthorn and Birth are compatible with Alder.



Willow Sign: Highly creative, perceptive, intuitive and intelligent.  Ruled by the moon your personality leans towards having a realistic perspective on life.

With your intelligence you can retain knowledge easily and often impress company when discussing any subject.

The potential to use your power of perception in every situation tends to let your true nature shine through.

Intuition and trusting your instincts, and being able to take the initiative when necessary are your key to success.

Birch and Ivy are compatible with Willow.



Hawthorn Sign: Quiet, fiery and passionate. Appears to have an ordinary life, threads softly and gently comforts people.

However on the inside a fiery passion and highly energetic creative streak. Natural curiosity gives you an interest in lots of differing subjects.

Being a good listener, people will often trust in you and confide in you.

Your healthy sense of humour and clear understanding of irony create a warm and engaging personality.

Ash and Rowan are compatible with Hawthorn.



A crusader for the people who seem to have no voice of their own.

Nurturing, generous and helpful. Likes to be in control of situations and likely to be involved in social networks.

Among the Celtic signs you are a gentle giant. Exuding an easy confidence, knowing that everything will work out.

Interests history and ancestry. Showing your teaching skills when you share your knowledge with others.

Ash and Reed are compatible with Oak.



Holly Sign: Natural leader, focused, intelligent and ambitious. Intelligence makes academics easy for you and you overcome many situations with great skill and tact.

Decision making and confidence fill followers with enthusiasm that is infectious.

Volunteers are active on your campaigns to protect and environment. Purposes and goals are necessary to keep you interested and motivated in life.
Kind and generous and supportive you have no shortage of friends.

Ash and Elder are compatible with Holly.



Hazel sign: Academic, analytical, patient and organised. A naturally gifted academic, your retention of knowledge is amazing.

Networks look to you for informed decisions, which are usually correct.

Patience and a big heart make you an excellent teacher and mentor.  Finish and attention to detail are necessary but control needs to be checked.

Regulations and rules suit your temperament as do order and direction.

Hawthorn and Rowan are compatible with Hazel.



Vine sign: Entrepreneurial, energetic, idealistic. Making decisions is difficult sometimes as you look at both sides.

Distinctive tastes in art, music, food, and wine are finer life choices.

Elegance in décor and dramatic finishes are part of your unique style.

Your poise, charm, refinement and distinctive taste are attributes that people hold in high esteem. Though demanding, you can be intuitive and nurturing with other peoples ideas and opinions.

Willow and Hazel are compatible with Vine.



Ivy sign: Intellectual, spiritual, loyal and compassionate.  Life can be difficult sometimes but you make decisions clearly and decisively.

Loyalty is a strong trait that is much admired by family and friends.

Persevering in all situations you will see people through adversity.

Sincerity in your business affairs leads to a successful career. Intelligent and gentle in nature you attract like minded people around you.

Ash and Oak are compatible with Ivy.



Reed sign: Archaeologist, historian, journalist and leader. In Celtic lore, the reed signs are the true keepers of the world.

You are not easily distracted and seek the truth in all affairs.

Folklore, legend and stories intrigue your journalistic nature. People are happy to trust you through sometimes you manipulate the facts.

Your strong sense of honour, passion and inspiration gather many to share and  walk with you on your path in life.

Ash and Oak are compatible with Reed.



Birch sign: Motivated, competitive, resilient and a natural leader. Born in the darker end of the year, you are looking towards brighter horizons.

Driving ambition and cool temperament suit you to taking command and leading nations.

Ownership of your softer spirit and resilience often creates much unique and diverse beauty in otherwise barren spaces.

Wit and charm will bring brightness and entertainment to any group you are in company with. Competitive with one’s self.

Vine and Willow are compatible with Birch.



These Ancient Druidic Birth Signs and Celtic Trees make unique Celtic Birthday Gifts Ireland.


Celtic Gifts made in Ireland, buy here at Totally Irish Gifts




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