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History Jigsaw of Ireland

History Jigsaw of Ireland

A lovely jigsaw showing the provinces of Ireland with famous landmarks. Hidden under the pieces is a history of Ireland, packed full of historical events down through the ages from the Stone Age 8000 years ago up to Ireland's declaration of neutrality in 1939.

The following line is printed on the bottom of this jigsaw: 'Heritage is what makes Ireland Irish - her natural and political history, her influences and influences on her, her language, culture and traditions. This illustrative map gives some directions as to how her past is living in her present.'

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Learn about the heritage of Ireland with this lovely Ireland jigsaw. 4 chunky pieces in pastel colours, each piece is one of the 4 provinces of Ireland and shows a number of interesting landmarks of that province.


Remove the pieces to read about the history of Ireland, which includes a short description of the following and more:

  • Stone age 8000 years ago to the 1st century BC; Gaels; Druidism; Irish Legends
  • Story of St. Patrick
  • Viking invasions from 795; Normans in 1169
  • Strongbow; The Pale; King Henry VIII; Queen Elizabeth 1; Oliver Cromwell; William of Orange
  • 1782 Dublin Parliament granted virtual independence from London
  • United Irishmen & Wolfe Tone; Daniel O'Connell
  • Potato Blight; Michael Davitt & the Land League Movement; Boycott
  • Charles Stewart Parnell & Irish Home Rule Bill
  • Ulster Volunteer Force; Irish Volunteers
  • 1916; Patrick Pearse; James Connolly
  • Dáil; War of Independence; Black & Tans
  • 1922 The Anglo Irish Treaty; 6 counties of Ulster granted separate status
  • Civil War; Eamon de Valera; founding of Fianna Fail party
  • 1937 New constitution declaring Ireland a sovereign independent democratic state
  • 1938 Britain relinguised naval facilities; economic war ends
  • 1939 Ireland declare neutrality at the outbreak of World War 2


Dimensions = 40cm x 30cm


A great Irish gift for children and adults to learn interesting aspects of the history of Ireland.