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Limited Edition Irish Art Prints by Seán Curran

We are delighted to welcome Seán Curran Art as our newest supplier to Totally Irish Gifts. Seán specialises in capturing Irish cityscapes and coastal scenes in amazing watercolour paintings and we are now stocking a selection of his Limited Edition Irish Art Prints. We came across Seán at Showcase Ireland and were immediately struck by the detail, colour and beauty of his wonderful Irish Art prints.  Seán has a great range of prints of famous Irish landmarks and we have chosen our favourite iconic images. These Irish images will resonate with very many people in Ireland and the Irish diaspora all over the globe, evoking memories of Ireland, friends and family. We hope you love our selection of these beautiful Limited Edition Irish Art Prints by Seán Curran as much as we do.

  • Fine art prints of iconic images of Ireland
  • Limited edition prints of only 1450 each, from original watercolour paintings
  • Signed by Irish artist Seán Curran
  • Dimensions: mount & print = 14″ x 11″
  • Price = €35.00, ships world-wide


Beautiful limited edition Irish prints of famous Irish landmarks, from original watercolour paintings by Seán Curran.


Under Clery’s Clock at 8?

Clerys Clock Limited Edition Irish Art Prints

A beautiful fine art print of the famous Clerys Clock. This is a wonderful gift from Ireland with real meaning and nostalgia to so very many Irish people.

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Clerys Clock is an iconic landmark, found on the front of Clerys Department Store, O’Connell Street, one of Dublin’s main thoroughfares. Clerys Department Store was completely destroyed in the 1916 Rising and was rebuilt by 1922, at which stage the Clock was added over the main entrance door. Clery’s Clock very quickly became one of the most popular meeting points in Dublin. Irish people have been meeting under Clerys Clock for decades, in particular meeting family and friends up from the country. People would also meet up here for nights out on the town. Clerys Clock became famous as the starting point of many blossoming romances and with a usual meet up time of 8 o’clock  this Irish Art print has a very apt title ‘Under Clerys Clock at 8?’. This makes us ask – did she say ‘Yes’?!


The Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin

Ha'penny Bridge Limited Edition Irish Art Prints

A beautiful fine art print of the famous Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin’s most iconic pedestrian bridge over the River Liffey. This is a wonderful historic gift from Ireland.

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Built in 1816, The Ha’penny Bridge is a cast iron pedestrian bridge. Originally named the Wellington Bridge, renamed the Liffey Bridge in 1922, always known locally as the Ha’penny Bridge. Back in the day Dubliners crossed the River Liffey by ferry, but as the ferries fell into disrepair it was cheaper to build a bridge instead of repairing the boats. The toll for the bridge was the same price as the ferry and that is how this bridge became known as the Ha’penny Bridge. The toll was removed in 1919. In it’s early years c450 people used the bridge daily. It is estimated 30,000 people now cross the Rivery Liffey using the Ha’penny Bridge each day.


Fastnet Rock, Co. Cork

Clerys Clock Limited Edition Irish Art PrintsA beautiful fine art print of the iconic Fastnet Rock & Lighthouse, Co. Cork. This is a wonderful nostalgic gift from Ireland, particularly for Irish-Americans whose ancestors departed from Cork during the 19th Century.

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Fastnet is known as “Ireland’s Teardrop”.  It was the last view of Ireland for generations of emigrants in the 19th century as they left their homeland for America. Fastnet Rock is found on the most southerly point of Ireland, 13 km off the coast of County Cork and rises 30 metres above low water mark. We can sense the emotion our ancestors would have felt as Fastnet fell out of view as they sailed away. The lighthouse, the highest in Ireland, was built in the 1850s would have prolonged the last glimpse of a world they seldom returned to.


The Pigeon House, Dublin

Pigeon House Dublin Limited Edition Irish Art PrintsA beautiful fine art print of the famous Pigeon House, Dublin. The Pigeon House is found near the docks of Dublin. From selling refreshments to generating electricity it is steeped in history.

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People often think that the Pigeon House got its name from pigeons, it was actually called after John Pidgeon (who later dropped the d!). John Pigeon was a caretaker of a storehouse used by the builders of the Great South Wall in Ringsend. C1760 and he started selling refreshments to passengers of ships docking at the new wall. His refreshments not only were a hit with both weary passengers and crew, but ‘Pigeon’s House’ also became a  popular day trip for Dubliners.

Some time after John Pigeon’s death, the site became a large hotel for passengers. This building was taken over by the Electricity Supply Board and the Pigeon House generating station operated from 1903 and decommissioned in 1976. The adjacent Poolbeg Generating Station began in the 1960s, it’s two tall chimneys, The Poolbeg Stacks, became Dublin landmarks. Standing at 207.8 metres they are among the tallest structures in Ireland. The whole area of the Poolbeg plant is still known locally as ‘The Pigeon House’.


Ballyhack Castle & Harbour

Ballyhack Castle & Harbour Limited Edition Irish Art PrintsA fabulous fine art print of the lovely village of Ballyhack, Co. Wexford. This Irish gift will evoke memories of every sleepy fishing village in Ireland.

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A wonderful Irish art depiction of the Ballyhack harbour at low tide, historic Norman castle, pretty houses and sloping countryside. The fishing village of Ballyhack is located on the south-east coast of Ireland in County Wexford, on the eastern shore 8 miles from Waterford Harbour estuary. The large size of the estuary makes it safe for boats to access Ballyhack harbour at any time and any tide. Ballyhack harbour is suitable for shallow boats, while larger boats can safely anchor outside the harbour in the estuary. The headquaters of the Knights Hospitallers of St John was established in Ballyhack in the 12th century and on the same site they built the Norman Ballyhack Castle c1480. The castle is steeped in history and is open to visitors where you can view the dungeon, murder-hole, effigies and oratory.


Signs of a Misspent Youth

Signs of a misspent youth, Bruxelles Clock Dublin Limited Edition Irish Art PrintsWonderful fine art print, patrons of Bruxelles Bar would agree with the very apt title ‘Signs of a Misspent Youth’. This Bruxelles Clock Irish gift will evoke fun memories for anyone who ever hung out at Bruxelles!

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Located in the heart of Dublin, starting out as the Zodiac Lounge in the late 1960s, Bruxelles Bar got its new name to commemorate Ireland joining the European Economic Community (EEC). It now houses 3 bars. Known as a bustling joint with an Irish heavy rock heritage, Bruxelles has seen many young rock legends start out, such as Brush Shiels with Skid Row and Phil Lynott with Thin Lizzy. Bruxelles became known as the birthplace of the Irish rock scene and is still regarded as the home of the Dublin rock music scene.


A little bit about the artist Seán Curran Art

Seán Curran Irish Art

Seán has loved sketching and drawing since he was very young. At eleven years of age he started painting in oils and in his early twenties started painting with watercolours. Loving its transparency and how it achieved a subtle and refreshing look Seán has concentrated all his Irish art work in watercolour. He has transformed many of his beautiful paintings into Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.

Seán Curran Irish ArtIn 1989 Seán emigrated to Canada and was inspired by North American watercolour artists such as Steve Hanks and Jack Reid. He studied for three years in the Dundas Valley School of Art, (a satellite campus of the internationally known Sheridan Art College in Oakville Ontario).

In 1996 Seán was invited to take part in his first exhibition in the Sigmund Gallery, in Burlington Ontario. On returning to Ireland in 1997, Seán continued to improve his skills and became very involved with group exhibitions. Seán now exhibits on a regular basis around Ireland.


View Seán Curran’s Fine Art Prints at Totally Irish Gifts here


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