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Druidic Birth Sign & Celtic Tree: Vine Sept 18th - Oct 17th

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Druidic Birth Sign & Celtic Tree: Vine Sept 18th - Oct 17th

This Ancient Druidic Birth Sign is 'Vine': September 18th - October 17th.

Ancient Celtic Trees Druidic Birth Signs quality printed from original artwork by Dublin artist, Maura O'Rourke, includes interesting information on this birth sign.

Ancient Druids used native Irish trees as birth signs, showing their spiritual connection. The Druids felt the trees embodied life and had spiritual powers and wisdom. Each tree sign is significant to your personality and each had a part to play in the living and the quality of the lives within the Celtic community, but all were of equal importance.

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These Ancient Celtic Trees and Birth Signs make unique Celtic Birthday Gifts Ireland.


Information detail printed on this quality card reads:

Vine sign: Entrepreneurial, energetic, idealistic. Making decisions is difficult sometimes as you look at both sides.

Distinctive tastes in art, music, food, and wine are finer life choices.

Elegance in décor and dramatic finishes are part of your unique style.

Your poise, charm, refinement and distinctive taste are attributes that people hold in high esteem. Though demanding, you can be intuitive and nurturing with other peoples ideas and opinions.

Willow and Hazel are compatible with Vine.

Dimensions: 25cm x 20cm, ready to frame


The Ancient Celtic Trees assigned to the Druidic Birth Signs are:

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