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Ogham Treasure

Amazing Ogham Jewellery and Angel Jewellery, designed and handmade in Ireland.

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  • Ogham Ruby Silver Pendant, handmade in Ireland by Ogham Treasures. A beautiful Love necklace with ruby, handcarved gra.

    Love – Grá Ogham Ruby Silver Pendant

  • Gra Ogham Emerald carved silver pendant, handmade in Ireland

    Love – Grá Ogham Emerald Silver Pendant

  • Joy Ogham Jewellery

    Áthas – Joy Ogham Silver Pendant

  • Sláinte Ogham Silver Pendant made in Ireland

    Health – Sláinte Ogham Silver Pendant


Ogham Treasure Celtic Jewellery


Beautiful Ogham Jewellery created by Katie McCay, whose designs are inspired by Ireland’s ancient past. Katie creates beautiful jewellery using the Ogham (Oh-ehm) alphabet, which is the first written script of the ancient Celts.

Katie studied Celtic Archaeology at the National University of Ireland in Galway. After Graduating she worked in this area for a few years before opening her own craft gallery in Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands of Athlone, Co. Westmeath. Katie’s interest in jewellery making led to the creation of her fabulous range of Ogham Treasure jewellery, which was born in 2012, combining her creative passion with her experience and knowledge.

Katie chooses words that have special meaning and uses sterling silver to create their Gaelic translation as pendants in Ogham script. This secret script of ancient Ireland is found carved in standing stones and sacred monuments throughout Ireland and is believed to date from 400 AD. There are 20 Ogham symbols, each being a letter or set of letters. Each of these symbols is assigned to a tree and in turn each tree has a meaning, showing the rapport the ancient Celts had with the natural world and the importance they placed on trees. Ogham Jewellery is favoured  by people who have a love and interest in Irish heritage and enjoy a harmony with nature.

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