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Hibernian Santa Christmas Decoration

39.90 28.00

The Hibernian Santa Christmas Decoration is an amazing Christmas gift, Santa can’t get more Irish than this quality Christmas decoration.

This Santa decoration represents a number of ancient traditions and Irish symbolisms. The Hibernian Santa has Holly and Ivy draped around his shoulders, a holds a shamrock wreath and a golden harp. There are numerous shamrock imprints on Santa’s golden hat and edge of his robe.

Made in Ireland. Low Stock - Order Now!

    • 2.5 €


This Christmas gift ‘Hibernian Santa Christmas Decoration‘, is a top quality and elegant Christmas decoration, which will be treasured for years to come. The harp is the official emblem of Ireland, while the shamrock is the most recognisable symbol of Ireland, combined with the Christmas significance of holly and ivy, this is a very clever Irish Christmas decoration.

The Hibernian Santa Christmas Decoration is hand cast from cold cast porcelain, i.e. a porcelain powder that is bonded so that they are both decorative and functional, which means they don’t break easily. O’Gowna was taught this process over twenty years ago by Royal Doulton master craftsmen. This Santa decoration is a natural white limestone colour throughout the piece. Santa’s hat and the edge of his robe, which are imprinted with shamrocks, and the harp Santa holds are gilded in gold leaf paint.

Approx dimensions:

  • Hibernian Santa: 28 cm (h) x 16 cm (w) x 11 cm (d)
  • O’Gowna Box: 34 cm x 22 cm x 19 cm
  • weight: 2.3 kg

As this Christmas decoration is handmade there may be visual variations, however, the same high quality of craftsmanship will apply to all pieces, please also allow for screen resolution and colour difference.

Information scroll is included with this Christmas gift:

Hibernian Santa

This piece represents some of the oldest of Irish traditions dating as far back as far as the Celts and the Ancient order of Hibernia.

The Holly and Ivy draped around his shoulder represent male and female, with Holly representing the male and Ivy representing female. It is said that when they are joined together it symbolises eternal hospitality. It is also believed that as Holly is male and Ivy is female, whichever comes into the house first will rule for the year. If Holly is first the man will rule, if Ivy is first the woman shall rule.

The shamrock wreath brings you the luck of the season, while the harp is played as one year passes and the new one begins.

Perfect Irish Christmas Gifts. Handmade in Dublin, Ireland.


Additional information

Weight 1.7000 kg


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