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Wedding gifts for the couples who have everything

What wedding gift do you give the couple who have everything? Our unique wedding gift ideas might be just the present you are looking for.

Going to a wedding this year? Bride & Groom already have their house well furnished?  Second marriage?  No wedding gift list?  Can’t think what to give?  Give cash or a gift?  How much is appropriate?  Tricky questions and we’re here to help you navigate to your perfect Irish wedding gift.

When the couple already seems to have everything, it can be challenging to find them a meaningful and thoughtful wedding gift. Nowadays couples often get hitched after they have set up home, so what do you give as a wedding gift if they seem to have it all already? The special couple want you there to help celebrate their big wedding day, but still you can’t go empty handed!

For a young couple cash is probably the best wedding present, they are only starting out and need every last cent they can lay their hands on. But you may feel cash is not an appropriate wedding gift to give an older couple, particularly if this is a second time round for one or both. But the truth is no matter what age the Bride and Groom are, weddings are expensive, maybe behind it all they are hoping beyond hope that people do give cash – so solve your dilemma and combine cash with a keepsake wedding gift.  A beautiful keepsake gift to treasure forever, a little something that every time the Bride and Groom look at your gift they will think of you.

How much to gift for wedding?

The average Irish Wedding Gift spend is between €100 and €200, with many putting €100 or €150 in a wedding day card along with a wedding keepsake gift costing up to €60. This way you are giving a helping hand but also giving their wedding present that personal touch. Even better, give a wedding keepsake gift made in Ireland! Remember that the most important thing is the thought and effort you put into the gift. Regardless of the value, a heartfelt and considerate present will be appreciated by the couple on their special day.

Here are some of our top wedding gift ideas ideas at Totally Irish Gifts to inspire you:


1. Turf Claddagh Wedding Photo Frame

A novel wedding gift, beautiful wedding photo frame, handcrafted from turf cut from an ancient Irish bog, Celtic surround with the famous Claddagh, the Irish symbol of Love, Loyalty & Friendship.

Turf Claddagh Wedding Photo Frame, made from ancient bogland turf, made in Ireland

Turf Claddagh Wedding Photo Frame


2. Ogham Grá (love) wall hanging

A beautiful wood gift with the Ogham script, Irish and English for the word ‘Grá-Love’. Ogham, ancient Celtic script, is the earliest form of writing.

Ogham Grá Wood Frame, made in Ireland. Pefect 5th wedding annivesary gifts

Ogham Grá Wood Frame


3. Personalised Bride & Groom Bog Buddies

Quirky personalised gift of a Bride and Groom made from the Peat Turf in a wood frame. The peat used is from non-conservation worthy bogs and the concept is supported by the Irish Peatland Conservation Council. Also availalbe in Bride & Bride and Groom & Groom.

Bride & Groom cut from authentic Irish Bog, made in Ireland

‘Bride & Groom’ Framed Irish Turf Carvings


4. Claddagh Ring Bronze Art

Claddagh is the Irish icon for ‘Love, Loyalty and Friendship’. This is a beautiful take on the famous Claddagh Ring. This bronze piece is in a creamy white frame. Also available in a dark brown frame.

Claddagh Ring Bronze Art made in Ireland

Claddagh Ring Framed Bronze Art (white)


5. Ogham Wedding Photo Frame

Ultimate Personalised Ogham Wedding Gift. Both names in Ogham Script and names and date written on handmade paper, in a slim black frame. Space for the couple’s favourite wedding photo.

Ogham Wedding Photo Frame made in Ireland

Personalised Ogham Style Wedding Photo Frame


6. His & Her Gift Silver Necklace and Cufflinks (Voyage Jewellery)

Often purchased for a couple who have been together for quite some time through thick and thin. The voyage jewellery is inspired by the famous song ‘The Voyage’. Written by Johnny Duhan and made famous by Christy Moore. ‘Life is an ocean, love is a boat…’, with permission, the lyrics are included with this gift.His & Her Gift The Voyage Silver Pendant and Cufflinks gift set, handmade by Garrett Mallon, Ireland

His & Her Gift Silver Necklace and Cufflinks


7. A Grá Mo Chroí – Love of My Heart Bronze Statue

Quality small statue of a couple entwining, symbolic of the love and bond of the happy couple. Designed and made by Rynhart, the original creators of iconic bronze statues, such as the Molly Malone statue in Dublin.

A ghrá mo chroí bronze statue, perfect Irish Wedding, anniversary and valentine gifts, made in Ireland by Rynhart

A Ghrá Mo Chroí – Love of My Heart Bronze Statue


8. Framed Ceramic Love Birds

Bright and fun ceramics in a creamy white frame. Two blue birds and a blue heart, entitled ‘Love Birds’. The couple won’t forget who gifted this unique wedding gift.

Love Birds, ceramic heart and two love birds in a white wooden frame, made in Ireland

Framed Ceramic Love Birds


9.  Double Coat of Arms Clock

A very traditional Coat of Arms Clock. Featuring the coat of arms of both families. This gift is heirloom quality and will be treasured for years to come.

Personalised coat or arms gift, wedding gift, Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Bronze Double Coat of Arms Clock


10.  Family Angel Crystal Wooden Suncatcher

A sweet gift with a beautiful sentiment, ‘Family….where life begins and love never ends’. Also, see here for our personalised suncatcher option for your own verse.

Family Angel Crystal Suncatcher, with lovely sentiment, made in Ireland

Family Angel Crystal Wooden Suncatcher


All our Wedding Keepsake Gifts are made in Ireland


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