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Valentines Day Gifts for Women

Irish Valentines Day Gifts for Women at Totally Irish Gifts
We have a great selection of special Irish treats for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Treat your special love to a quality Irish Gift from our selection of Valentines Day ideas for Gifts for Her. You’ll find the perfect romantic gift from this selection of Creative Irish Crafts. Browse our selection of Valentines Day Gifts for Women, choose from love themed jewelry, lingerie sets, sentimental Irish prints, Valentine Fairies, pamper gifts and more.
Make this Valentines Day a very special day with our authentic Irish Crafts, which made wonderful Irish Gifts for Valentines 2021.
We ship world-wide, avail of our gift wrap service. We will hand-write your personal message free of charge to any purchased Valentines Card – a really useful service if you are away from your loved one this Valentines Day and need to send your Valentines Gift directly.

Happy Valentines from Totally Irish Gifts!

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Valentines Gifts for Her


Valentines Day Proverb

“Women are made to be loved, not understood.”
Oscar Wilde

“The Valentines Day Gifts Make Sure You Do Guide for men”!

  • Do remember.  It’s easy to remember Valentine’s Day when in the early years of a relationship – warning February 14th actually does get more important as the years go on!  No matter what she might say – it does matter that you remember Valentine’s Day and keep the romance alive.
  • Do buy a gift that is something for her and not for the house or family or you – a Valentines gift should be romantic not practical, something out of the ordinary and, if your budget allows, a little extravagance speaks volumes and won’t be forgotten!
  • Do something different – whatever worked last year was great, but don’t get stale and show you have put some thought into your Valentines gift.
  • Do make Valentine’s night special and be sure to compliment her. Cooking dinner for her is a winner, if you don’t cook often just keep it simple and lay the table nicely, with table-cloth and candles.  If you plan to go out to dinner be advised – book well in advance, last minute plans to make a reservation could end up being a Chinese takeaway – restaurants get busy so book well in advance.  Do not be tempted to join your buddies at some stage – this evening is for just for the two of you!
  • Do feel comfortable giving lingerie, but choose something classy and not red light.  If you are unsure of size, check her clothes in the laundry basket not her wardrobe – the clothes in the laundry basket are the clothes she is wearing/washing and will give you her size, whereas the clothes in wardrobe may never be worn if it doesn’t fit any more!
  • Do give her a card for Valentine’s Day, whether an expensive card or small notelet be sure to write a lovely note in it – stretching to a short romantic poem gets double brownie points!
  • Do try to get finished up in work a little early and hopefully she will too, not always possible and especially with kids life can be hectic and it doesn’t stop for Valentine’s Day, so try to plan ahead – book your sitter well in advance or if you are having a romantic meal at home, organise to feed the kids and pack off to bed early.
  • Do keep your Valentine’s Day within your budget – she wants to be pampered but not at the cost of breaking the bank and going into debt.
  • Do talk about when you first met and all the great things you have done and the places you have been as a couple, but don’t bring up the rows and never talk about old girlfriends!  Let the conversation flow about the good times you two have enjoyed together, she’ll be impressed you have remembered!
  • Do give a Valentines Gift made in Ireland.  A Claddagh Gift is a wonderful Irish gift to receive on Valentine’s Day, nothing says it better – Claddagh is the Irish symbol of ‘Love, Loyalty and Friendship’.
  • Do give your date your undivided attention – she deserves it.  Gaming, browsing, texting and chatting is off the agenda for Valentine’s night.


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