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Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Many people like to purchase Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year. In this category we have provided links for all annual milestones. You can browse traditional and modern gifts that are particularly suitable according to that year. Further down the page we have listed the items representing the wedding anniversary milestones and again the links to view fitting gifts.

Every year’s celebration is a remembrance of your special wedding day. It is also a celebration of getting through all the ups and downs with that same love and looking forward to your future together. To help celebrate we have some really great Traditional Anniversary Gifts by year and associated Modern Anniversary Gifts. Our present ideas are perfect to gift to husbands, wives, couples, in particular gifts for parents. There are lots of options for personalised gifts, including coats of arms, which go down a treat. We are confident you will find the perfect present for your wedding anniversary milestones.

People like to give a gift according to their Anniversary year and its meaning. We hope this guide is a handy reference for you. Click here to read our blog on Traditional Anniversary Gifts, about the meaning of the traditional symbols for the years of marriage. The blog covers 1st to 25th Anniversary, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th and 50th Anniversary.

We ship world-wide. Avail of our gift wrapping if sending directly to your love one. We will handwrite your message on any purchased card, or a Totally Irish Gifts note. Just add your message in the comments box at checkout.

Wishing you many more years of wedded bliss!

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  • Ogham Wedding Anniversary Photo Frame gift made in Ireland. Photo frame with couples' names written in Ogham on handmade paper in a slim black frame

    Personalised Ogham Wedding Anniversary Photo Frame


Creative Irish Anniversary Gifts by Year

We stock some really great Traditional Anniversary Gifts and most people like to give a gift according to their Anniversary year, here is a guide:

Anniversary Gifts by Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts Modern Anniversary Gifts Anniversary Gift Ideas
1st Anniversary Paper Clock First Anniversary Gift Ideas
2nd Anniversary Cotton Cotton Second Anniversary Gift Ideas
3rd Anniversary Leather Leather Third Anniversary Gift Ideas
4th Anniversary Fruit or Flowers Linen or Silk Fourth Anniversary Gift Ideas
5th Anniversary Wood Wood Fifth Anniversary Gift Ideas
6th Anniversary Sweets Iron Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas
7th Anniversary Cooper or Wool Brass Seventh Anniversary Gift Ideas
8th Anniversary Bronze Pottery Eight Anniversary Gift Ideas
9th Anniversary Pottery Willow Ninth Anniversary Gift Ideas
10th Anniversary Tin Aluminum Tenth Anniversary Gift Ideas
11th Anniversary Steel Steel Eleventh Anniversary Gift Ideas
12th Anniversary Silk Linen Twelfth Anniversary Gift Ideas
13th Anniversary Lace Lace Thirteenth Anniversary Gift Ideas
14th Anniversary Ivory Ivory Fourteenth Anniversary Gift Ideas
15th Anniversary Crystal Glass Fifteenth Anniversary Gift Ideas
16th Anniversary Wax Silver Holloware Sixteenth Anniversary Gift Ideas
17th Anniversary Shells Furniture Seventeenth Anniversary Gift Ideas
18th Anniversary Feathers Porcelain Eighteenth Anniversary Gift Ideas
19th Anniversary Chili Pepper Bronze Nineteenth Anniversary Gift Ideas
20th Anniversary China Emerald Twentieth Anniversary Gift Ideas
21st Anniversary None Brass or Nickle Twenty-First Anniversary Gift Ideas
22nd Anniversary None Copper Twenty-Second Anniversary Gift Ideas
23rd Anniversary None Silver Plate Twenty-Third Anniversary Gift Ideas
24th Anniversary None Musical Instruments Twenty-Fourth Anniversary Gift Ideas
25th Anniversary Silver Silver Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Gift Ideas
30th Anniversary Pearl Pearl Thirtieth Anniversary Gift Ideas
35th Anniversary Coral Coral or Jade Thirty-fifth Anniversary Gift Ideas
40th Anniversary Ruby Garnet Fortieth Anniversary Gift Ideas
45th Anniversary Sapphire Sapphire Forty-Fifth Anniversary Gift Ideas
50th Anniversary Gold Gold Fiftieth Anniversary Gift Ideas
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